We chose to work with Green Series Fitness (now Circle Fitness USA™) over 3 years ago because they offer a high-quality, value line of cardio equipment which has been difficult to find in our industry. Since our inception in 1991, we have been fortunate enough to represent some of the largest premium lines in the industry. Green Series Fitness (now Circle Fitness) gives us the ability to offer much more value to our customers who are looking for cardio equipment which is aesthetically pleasing, simple to operate, offers a strong warranty and most importantly is RELIABLE – all at a great price. Green Series Fitness (now Circle Fitness) offers all of that while constantly continuing to innovate. Working with Green Series Fitness (now Circle Fitness) in the Carolina’s has been one of the best decisions we’ve made.

Tom Flanagan
US Fitness Products


“For over 3 years now, Fitness Giant has been representing the Green Series Fitness (now Circle Fitness) line of cardio equipment with outstanding results and lots of positive feedback from our customers. The equipment has performed flawlessly in a wide range of environments such as gyms, corporate facilities, schools, apartment complexes and homes just to name a few. The ease of use, great looks and industry leading warranty make this product an easy sell for us.  Though rare, in the event any need for service or assistance was required, Green Series Fitness (now Circle Fitness) offered a quick and responsive solution with minimal inconvenience to the customer. Their lineup offers a wide variety of equipment to fit any need or budget, shipping is quick and communication with the friendly staff is effortless. Keeping our customers happy, couldn’t be easier”

John Petti
Fitness Giant, LLC


“Brigadoon Fitness helped us create a functional and safe fitness center for our employees.”

Wendy Collins
Organizational Development Specialist
Brotherhood Mutual Insurance, Fort Wayne, IN


“The Green Series Fitness (now Circle Fitness) experience has been a positive one for FITLINE. The equipment offers a dynamic lineup, which is well conceived, offers superior commercial quality and at an excellent price point. We have been selling and servicing into the commercial market for almost 19 years which has resulted in FITLINE developing a definitive criteria when offering equipment that provides performance, relevant and beneficial features and durability through quality engineering and technology. It has become clear that the Green Series Fitness (now Circle Fitness) meets these objectives. Our customers are enjoying the easy operation and smooth feel of each unit. The staff at Brigadoon Fitness have been very responsive and have processed orders quickly and provided accurate shipping info, as well as, handling of general inquiries and service.”

Craig Shepard
FITLINE, Pacific Palisades, CA


“I heard your new ‘Green Series’ (now Circle Fitness) of cardio equipment is quite the rave. I can honestly say that I am extremely pleased with the equipment you sold me 4+ years ago (your ‘Green Series’) as it has held up better than any other line of equipment that I have purchased in the last 8+ years. Your ellipticals are still the most popular ones in my club, and the treadmills/bicycles are in my front lobby. With close to 3,000 members we have a lot of demand (abuse), and your machines have answered that demand.”

David Peters
Summit City Fitness, Fort Wayne, IN


“At the YMCA, we strive to provide opportunities for our community to be well. Being a non-for-profit business, it is essential that we make good decisions when purchasing fitness equipment. The Green Series Fitness (now Circle Fitness)  Treadmills have provided us with years of maintenance free commercial quality performance for our members. Thank you!”

Todd Latta
Fitness Director
YMCA, Huntington, IN


“In my opinion, one word describes this equipment “Awesome!”. Since 2008, I’ve had doctors, nurses and athletes use the machines daily. The  only thing I have had to do is standard cleaning. The next time we expand, we will purchase additional Green Series Fitness (now Circle Fitness USA™) equipment.”

Mark Stier
Fitness Manager/Trainer
Afdent Dental, Fort Wayne, IN


“We recently became a representative of the Green Series (now Circle Fitness) products. We have been extremely impressed with the professionalism of the company. The product is of great quality, easy to use, and it’s Eco friendly. This product encompasses everything you can ask for.”

Kelly Naylor
designFITNESS, Lewis Center, OH