Brigadoon featured in Fall edition of National Fitness Trade Journal

FORT WAYNE, IND. (October 1, 2018) Sport Series™ – Brigadoon’s Sport Series line featured in Fall edition of National Fitness Trade Journal. Check it out on page 30 here.

Exciting new line from Brigadoon Fitness  – Brigadoon Fitness™ has always been committed to providing reliable and cost-effective options to the industry. It shows in their Circle Fitness™ cardio line and now once again in the launch of their Sport Series™ line. When customers speak, they listen.

The industry is constantly evolving. You can either stand still and be status quo, or you can evolve and expand to better serve your customers. Brigadoon Fitness has evolved and expanded!

Introducing Sport Series by Brigadoon Fitness. Just as the Circle Fitness line changed the idea of what green, energy efficient cardio products can do, the Sport Series line is fulfilling that evolutionary process by featuring cardio products that work smarter and more innovative than ever. Both cardio lines have been developed, designed and manufactured for high quality, reliability and style, while keeping prices competitive. Not only does Brigadoon Fitness want to offer the best cardio equipment, they also want to offer them at a fair price. Featuring light commercial, full commercial and full commercial premium grade products along with one of the largest inventories in the country, their friendly, knowledgeable customer service team is always ready to work for you. “You never have to wait on us!” says Brigadoon’s Executive VP, David Krites. “We have one of the sharpest sales and consulting teams in the country; eager to help you create a fitness room you can be proud of.”

Brigadoon Fitness’ Sport Series line includes a Variable Motion Trainer, Athletic Trainer, Suspension Elliptical, Rowing Machine, Silver Edition Treadmill, as well as a light commercial and full commercial Indoor Cycle. Their customers spoke; they listened and delivered!

Six Machines In One  – The Sport Series BRI-VMT7500-S Variable Motion Trainer is unlike any other machine. Featuring the patented iDecide technology, one single machine does it all, in a 38” x 55” space-saving design. Six leg movements from stepper, climber, bike, elliptical, runner to air walker. Featuring a free form, user-defined foot motion, which can change on the fly from a vertical stepping motion to an all-out, full-stride, running motion from 11” to 36”. Variable freedom of movement, ease of use and multiple resistance and speeds to choose from allows users to control, target and challenge a variety of muscle groups. The best feature might be it’s reasonable price! The Sport Series VMT by Brigadoon is almost HALF the cost of its competitors. More Features – Less Space – Less Money – A MUST HAVE.

Train Like A Profession Athlete  – “Cease workout after 10 minutes to re-hydrate”. This advisory notice was spotted at one of Brigadoon Fitness’ customer’s clubs referring to the Sport Series BRI-AT7500-D Athletic Trainer. Just a new trend? They don’t think so. Fitness enthusiasts have been looking a way to push themselves and their fitness goals even further. The Athletic Trainer does not disappoint. This incredible machine runs on man-power only, requiring the operator to use all of their own energy to make the it move, resulting in a more intense and challenging workout. It’s ideal for HIIT training, multi-athlete and circuit training featuring an integrated sled bar. Incline is fixed at 7 or 11 degrees for intense uphill workouts. The Athletic Trainer gives you so many features while keeping the cost down. “One of our training partners, the Pittsburgh Steelers, has been using our Athletic Trainer with incredibly positive results and rave reviews,” says Brigadoon’s Executive VP David Krites. We talk to numerous fitness clubs t­hat are seeing new enthusiasm to exercise with this machine. We are excited to introduce this incredible product into our line.” More features – Less Money – AGAIN, A MUST HAVE.

Work The Entire Body  –  Tired of not having a choice of a suspension elliptical? Enter the BRI-SE7500-S by Brigadoon. With oversized footplates, low step-on height and 23” natural stride; this full commercial machine delivers a smooth and comfortable workout. Replicating the natural movement of your body with its patented suspension design, it is ergonomically designed to offer a natural smooth motion that you won’t find anywhere else. It features dual-action handlebars for an upper body workout with resistance controls at your fingertips. It is a rock-solid machine that will take a beating and keep going. The rugged frame on the BRI-SE7500-S Suspension Elliptical makes an ideal and stable platform for all users. More Features – Less Money – Great Alternative – ANOTHER MUST HAVE!

Row Like You Are On the Open Waters  – Today the market is flooded with rower options. Why choose the BRI-RW7500-D Rowing Machine by Brigadoon? Simple. It’s a full commercial unit designed to take on the most rigorous and demanding workout regimen. You will see by its construction, it’s built to last. What’s more is there is no fluid to leak, adjust or worry about. Featuring a contoured seat, anti-rust aluminum track, adjustable footrests and 8 levels of air resistance, this sleek rower is simple to operate, simple to maintain and is priced right. Heavy Duty – Simple to Maintain – Fairly Priced – A MUST HAVE. NOTICING A TREND?

Positioned To Make A Difference  – On it’s own, the BRI-TM6500-D-Silver Edition treadmill boasts a powerful 4 HP, AC brushless low-maintenance drive system, convenient center control bar, bright, easy-to-read display, 1” reversible phenolic deck and a heavy-gauge steel frame. Add the extended medical handrails and this treadmill caters to a neglected market. With the low step-up height and moisture resistant grips for stability, it is a must for the very important active aging and rehabilitation segment. Feature Rich – Versatile, Fairly Priced – A MUST HAVE FOR NEGLECTED MARKETS.

You can’t go wrong with Brigadoon’s phenomenal line of products. They remain committed to providing reliable, cost effective options to the industry. Feature Rich – Reliable – Fairly Priced – MUST HAVES FOR YOUR GYM.